TAM-C Solutions was created to secure, protect and empower our clients as advisers, analysts, consultants, and operators, enabling our clients to continue business essential activities. We are a provider of Duty of Care Solutions for organizations to succeed in challenging and high-risk environments. We offer comprehensive services using our experience, expertise and adapting to the environmental tempo while performing complex global operations.

Mission Statement:
TAM-C Solutions is committed to enabling business with actionable intelligence services and specialized risk management solutions to protect a client’s personnel, property and operations
Our clients benefit from the extensive experience of our subject matter experts and operators, composed of teams of experienced and battle tested professionals, TAM-C, is an unconventional entity where ethics, proper conduct, and respect of customers’ needs and expectations, are the key for joint success. TAM-C is an entity where all our teams have years of proven reputations within international law enforcement, risk management, the military and within the technology community.
TAM-C Solutions is a global firm that provides intelligence, threat, and specialized, mission specific services to the private sector, law enforcement, and non-government organizations that empower risk decision making for business growth and a safe and secure global operation. From information acquisition through intelligence analysis and dissemination, the focus is on business impact and duty of care with a holistic approach.