Designed to meet the duty of care requirements that ensure the safety of personnel, supply chain, assets, and the brand of the client globally.

  • TAM-C partners with the client to develop robust and detailed information requirements, acting in multilayers that include advance and over-watch positions from the Clear net, Dark net, and Ground Truth to identify and assess threats and disinformation.

  • Intelligence interdiction, tactical monitoring, geo-fenced boolean formulas, and specialized assessments, offer a canopy over the client to alert of threats, negative campaigns, and exploitation.

  • Focuses on identification of exploitable opportunities and threats that impact personnel, executives, families, and teams within an organization.

The threats from the inside, competition, and foreign elements require evolving and adapting techniques and tactics to monitor creative data streams and pulse indicators to alert on planned negative campaigns, illicit actions, and false flag operations. Such cyber and physical programs identify operational tempos that will create exploitable opportunities and gaps within the organization, business unit, and interagency teams.