Taps into the skills of highly trained professional teams. With outstanding human and logistical resources, combined with a high level of expertise to intervene in many scenarios that include but not limited to evacuation, exfiltration and shelter in place in the mission country, dispatch of security or medical personnel, use of any means of transport, including air or sea transport.

Services include the embedding of intelligence analysts into client operations centers and threat teams as well as force protection, counter surveillance, logistical support, and other specialized services and expertise for client operations and security postures.

  • Force and Executive Protection:
Clients are accompanied and supported by professional, bilingual teams carefully recruited, vetted, and trained by the TAM-C for sensitive operations. All Executive Protection operations are supervised by TAM-C experts both remotely and on-the-ground depending on the respective security conditions of the destination. The TAM-C has been providing force and executive protection services for its clients in a wide spectrum of locations including, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.
  • Field intelligence Officer (FIO):
Supervises the coordination between the relevant teams of the TAM-C and client assets in the field while the client operation is underway. FIO missions are supported with active GPS tracking by the TAM-C HQ, active intelligence gathering from native-language sources, including that of designated adversaries, pre-operational emergency response plans by country experts and the local HUMINT assets in the operational areas that were subjected to strict background inspections by TAM-C experts. FIOs also serve as the field emergency response supervisors in accordance with protocols designed ahead of every mission. Rate is daily per subject matter expert, with expenses not included.
  • Logistical Support:
Planning and implementation at a command and support roles include logistical capabilities for field operations during routine and crisis. Direction, support and consultative roles, as needed, will focus on customized, efficient, and realistic resources to support the client for the planned mission. Such support roles include but are not limited to communications, medical, courier, transportation, and supply.
  • Field Response Team:
Projects are structured to allow fast response to crisis situations supervised by the TAM-C HQ and local offices, with support from local security apparatuses that the TAM-C has developed throughout its operational history. Pre-operational planning, active intelligence coverage in local languages, via a global network of vetted locally based professionals. contacts, and constant communication with client and TAM-C assets on the ground are executed as part of preparations for possible medical and security emergencies.