Customized holistic solutions focus on the relationship between the client and TAM-C, based on three risk based pillars that include: security, privacy, and partnership.

  • The mindset of TAM-C is one of innovation empowered by our culture, technology, and expertise with cutting-edge intelligence, provided by professionals in their field supported by our Patented Threat Fusion Platform, ARGO.

  • Our security and intelligence services are accessible 24/7/365 with global, multi-lingual teams operating with the assistance of our proprietary powerful artificial intelligence tools, housed within a secure central collection and analysis system.

  • Battle-tested operatives, analysts, and researchers understand that the client cannot deter and detect threats when the threat is not seen. As such, the TAM-C strength resides in its operational versatility and the ability to adapt and customize our risk-based programs for the client to manage security based on intelligence and threat.

  • Client needs are dynamic and evolve based on the business unit focus. TAM-C empowers our partners in an unpredictable world with proven methodology, acting as a force multiplier on a local and global level while providing practical guidance and innovation for facing future threats.