TAM-C is a powerful fusion center of battle-tested operatives, analysts, and researchers who have real-life experience fighting both terrorists and criminal entities.

Our customized programs support and provide clients with 24/7 365 alerts through our operations center, based on intelligence requirements developed with algorithms and robust Boolean formulas to identify, monitor, continuously vet, and research for insider and external threats by persons of interest. Our client base includes law enforcement agencies, Fortune 100 corporations, and critical infrastructure including supply chain, transportation and energy sectors.

  • The strength of TAM-C Solutions resides in its operational versatility, our ability to adapt, customize, and specialize our services and products to the clients’ needs and interests without sacrificing quality, focus, or discipline. This flexibility reflects our staff’s roots in the military and law enforcement, famous for its creative ability to adapt in the face of evolving threats. Our experience and professional orientation makes TAM-C Solutions, a leader in the intelligence and risk community.

  • TAM-C Solutions provides research and analysis to clients on all continents of the globe. Clients have come to rely on the specialized services of TAM-C to augment their own threat capabilities, which in most cases are hampered by budgets and technical challenges of ground personnel. Researchers staff the 24-hour intelligence fusion center, the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center, and analysts identify, collect, validate, and analyze information. Our clients around the world use the resultant actionable intelligence.

  • Threat monitoring and interdiction consultancy is our core business, covering all aspects of the critical infrastructure and key resources. Over the years, senior managers of TAM-C have developed, designed, planned and managed the implementation of unique security solutions. Those ‘tailor made’ holistic solutions are capable to address and counter the ongoing diversified threats, and enable the production and operation in routine and emergency situations while supporting business continuity.

For 3 decades TAM-C have been there as your partner protecting and securing you with every challenge on your way