Supports the client, traveler, and the field with expert risk operations personnel and battle tested field operators to meet mission requirements.

The nexus between the field and the operations center merges reporting, monitoring, alerting, and response into a robust and professional end to end duty of care service.
A corporate Global Security Operations Center is faced with the persistent need to provide actionable, tailored intelligence and situational awareness.
Consequently, TAM-C provides 24/7 situational awareness to clients by providing intelligence, breaking news, field support, alarm notification, CCTV monitoring, and crisis communications in a secure and shared environment in an embedded or offsite model.

Traveler Support Program:

Is focused on supporting corporate clients, humanitarian, and institutions with traveler management, tracking and monitoring that is based on three concepts: Planning, Accountability and Response.
    • Each travel itinerary or event agenda is monitored with the tools of the TAM-C to identify incidents, delays, events, threats, and intelligence that can have an impact on the client business operations.
    • Pre-trip briefings are prepared for the executive, traveler, or security team, based on itinerary and client profile.

Tactical Intelligence:

Is focused on giving the clients real time incident updates in the vicinity of their fixed assets.
  • Perimeters are established based upon location of client assets and incidents of interest.
  • The Situational Awareness Desk dispatches incidents to clients with specific details of incident and relationship to client assets in real time.
  • Dispatches of such breaking news and situational awareness pushes can be via the TAM-C portal, Argo, email, SMS or API into client systems.