TAM-C’s approach to intelligence and crisis management solutions focuses on the customizability of these operations in order to meet unique and real-time needs and constraints of its clients. Our approach unifies the experience and knowledge gained in the course of routine operations with crisis management planning, and constitutes the fundamentals of the support TAM-C provides to its clients from routine intelligence collection to emergency and crisis planning. 


In addition to comprehensive and detailed intelligence collection operations round-the-clock to identify and mitigate potential risks, TAM-C expert teams remain prepared to determine and respond to potential emergency situations for its clientele. The integrated approach to intelligence collection and crisis management of TAM-C focuses on three phases in the event of a crisis: ‘Before the crisis, during the crisis and after the crisis.’ A crisis response desk may be initiated by the TAM-C when an emergency is assessed, in order to provide much-needed expertise on when to escalate countermeasures for effective mitigation and the time to return to the normal course of operations. 


Our Suite Based Core Program consists of suites that are developed and customized as holistic threat solutions, focused on threats to the organization, brand, personnel, and assets of the client at strategic and tactical levels.

Such an holistic program requires a layered robust threat and intelligence program supported by big data and artificial intelligence platforms with the patented Fusion System and unique algorithms deriving a clear understanding of the intent and threat.

This subscription based alerting and monitoring program is fully customizable to meet the requirements of the customer with the intent to empower the client to empower risk and security decision making.