Proven expertise and experience in development, design, plans, implementation and managing of all aspects of risk management and security programs.

  • TAM-C team members have operated in some of the world’s most complex environments under both normal and extreme threat levels and have served as top-level management in designing and leading the operations of several major national homeland security and counterterrorism agencies.

  • TAM-C’s multilingual expert team of  academics, senior law enforcement and military personnel, information technology specialists, and global experts from diverse cultural backgrounds combine decades of experience in various fields and sectors. It’s unique global footprint constitutes TAM-C’s incontestable capability to monitor, categorize and analyze a wide range of open-access and closed-sourced intelligence, from platforms extending from dark and clean web to human intelligence sources.

  • The complete range of security and safety solutions, technology systems, implementation and training programs of    TAM-C are compliant with international standards, state legislations government requirements, corporate policy and privacy criteria.