TAM-C is the world’s leading agency of intelligence & risk management providing state-level intel, consulting, and field support to the private sector.


No one bestowed this title on us. We simply saw a void in the market and stepped up to the plate. Thanks to our impeccable battle-tested intelligence and risk teams, supported by patented threat platform, we have the final say when insuring risky operations around the world with our vetted partners from the security, logistics, and insurance industry. And TAM-C intelligence is also the backbone of our briefing system and global field operations.

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As the leading agency of private intelligence, TAM-C created a Risk Rating system as an industry standard designed to accurately assign a practical level of risk to human, data, cyber, and physical assets as a pre-condition for creating customized intelligence and security protocols for each client.

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Success Stories

Kidnap, intelligence, negotiations

Confidential information obtained from our informant on the ground was utilized in negotiations with Iraqi authorities, which later facilitated the release of three American abductees.

Baghdad, Iraq
January 2016
Government Agency


A complex operation on both sides of the Syrian Turkish border concluded with the safe extraction of a news reporter to a safe location following the completion of their mission.

Gaziantep, Turkey & Aleppo, Syria
April 2016
News outlet


TAM-C successfully deployed a team of Field Intelligence Officers (FIO) to Austria to support a highly classified investigation mission using undercover surveillance technologies.

March 2018
Corporate Investigations

Executive protection

TAM-C provided on-the-ground response, intelligence, rescue, and security for an executive caught in the middle of an attempted coup oup d'état in Burkinabé.

Burkina Faso
September 2015
Corporate Executive

Global Risk Map

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  • Kyiv
  • Mexico City
  • Nairobi
  • Taipei


The combination of Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning, with field wisdom

The future of risk assessments, ARGO™ harnesses artificial intelligence and deep learning to integrate millions of data points from multiple sources into a sophisticated, insight-driven platform accessible exclusively by our clients and our team of analysts. ARGO™ is a holistic platform that empowers all size organizations to connect the dots for complex intelligence monitoring, and investigations, identify and alert suspicious patterns, detect and prevent threats and receive real time notifications.


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