ARGO™ is a powerful holistic technology solution that assists our analysts in ingesting and processing huge amounts of data points and enhances clients’ security operations with a set of investigative tools accessible through an advanced dashboard. ARGO™ puts the power of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning in the hands of our clients to help them connect the dots in complex investigations, identify suspicious patterns, and detect & prevent threats.

  • Mass-scale data fusion
    Organizing all intelligence data on one platform
  • Structured data analysis
    Accessible via keyword, date and themed searches
  • Investigation tools
    Alerts, pattern detection, and special tagging
  • Data analysis supported by maps
    Layered maps for alert types, client assets, and points of interest
  • Interactive archives
    Fully searchable and interactive
  • POI/GOI Dossiers
    Database and search engine, social media activities, risk assessments and link analysis
  • Scoring system
    Automatic categorization and review cycle based on risk levels