TAM-C’s Embedded Intelligence Analyst Program offers a unique and comprehensive approach to bolstering your security operations. By placing one of our intelligence analysts directly within your organization, your department will be able to go beyond traditional security services, providing a range of benefits that set it apart. In this paper, you will read about the key benefits of our embedded intelligence analyst program, with a focus on effective communication, client engagement, customization, and the resulting enhanced security outcomes.

The program focuses on:

  • Effective communication and client engagement
  • Customization – Tailoring Intelligence Products to Client Needs
  • Deep Understanding of the Threat Landscape and Proactive Threat Identification
  • Network Collaboration
  • Continuous Learning and Skill Development

Through our Embedded Intelligence Analyst Programs, TAM-C goes beyond the traditional intelligence analysis and consulting models. We provide our clients with embedded analysts who are specifically selected and tailored to their unique requirements. By integrating our embedded employees with client operations, supported by our ARGO platform and GSOC teams, we offer a comprehensive and integrated solution that enhances the intelligence capabilities of our clients and helps them proactively address risks and challenges in their respective domains.

Embed Personnel
TAM-C operators deploy to the target destination in advance of client arrival technically equipped to manage the inflow of intel coming from our global sources. Hailing from various operational backgrounds and armed with a range of relevant experiences, operators will coordinate the communications between TAM-C teams and client assets in the field while responding to a crisis situation or during an ongoing operation.

Force Protection
TAM-C has been providing Force and Executive Protection services for its clients in the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Our bilingual teams are carefully recruited, vetted, and trained to accompany clients and offer logistical support during sensitive operations. Depending on the conditions of the theater, all Executive Protection operations are supervised by TAM-C experts both remotely and on the ground.

Field Intelligence Officers
FIOs are Subject Matter Experts who supervise the coordination between TAM-C and client teams in the field while and operation is underway. They leverage the robust capabilities of our central intelligence system, ARGO™, to support active missions with situational and sentiment awareness monitoring, GPS tracking, and active intelligence gathering from native-language sources, including that of designated adversaries. FIOs follow designated emergency response plans and can trigger vetted local HUMINT assets as needed and also serve as ad-hoc field emergency response supervisors during special events and large gatherings.