Offer Einav

Offer Einav is a developer of holistic security solutions and is widely regarded as an expert in the fields of aviation security, counterterrorism, homeland security, and public safety. Following an intensive, 12-year career in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) elite force, Offer joined the Israel Security Agency (ISA) in 1986, was appointed to the Israel National Aviation Security Program as Aviation Security Manager, and was voted Security Director at El Al Airlines in 2005. Offer has managed the development and implementation of innovative domestic and international security programs. Having retired after 27 years in government service, Offer began working in international consulting. As an active partner in various European R&D programs, Offer is involved in various research and development initiatives in Europe, working with advanced holistic security technology solutions to counter emerging threats and with integrating operations, technologies, and procedures in various security fields. He is frequently invited as a speaker and is quoted in the US, European, Indian, and Israeli press on issues re- lating to aviation security, counterterrorism, and homeland security.